Improving transport flows of people and goods in three selected corridors of Central Baltic region.

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The key to success is the synergy: International stakeholder meeting in Riga

On January 22, an international stakeholder meeting was organized in Riga, during which interested persons could get acquainted with Latvia's national strategy on transport development, as well as see the close connection between national and international goals and...

International stakeholder meeting 22 January 2020/ RIGA

International stakeholder meetings organized by the project BALTIC LOOP is an important platform to exchange information, challenges, contacts. It is also the best place to collaborate to come up with new solutions that will benefit the industry of efficient transport...

Local kick-off in Finland: 3 December, 2019

The seminar focused entirely on the freight bottlenecks in the North corridor (see map of the Northern Corridors below). The main  focus was attached to the bottlenecks and solution findings  in the cargo traffic, especially from the point of view of ports,...

The seminar on transport solutions has attracted great interest in Latvia

In mid-October, transport experts, specialists, and innovators gathered in Līgatne (Latvia). The high number of attendees confirmed that the transport sector also needs to work on new ideas and new solutions. The workshop brought...

Introducing Baltic Loop to Riga stakeholders

September 17, 2019 Vidzeme Planning Region and Riga Planning Region participated in MadCity seminar-workshop “Mobility Points in Latvia - Strategic Illusion or Great Regional Opportunity?” The event brought together specialists...

Baltic Sea logistics in a changing environment: Baltic Loop Kick-off seminar in Tallinn

Baltic Sea is connecting Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden into wide network of intertwined connections. We are physically around worlds most vulnerable sea basin and we are so related, that this little sea (0,45 % of the world oceans) is enjoying 10% of world...

Newsletter #2 

December I 2019


Ports are not only places for receiving ships and passengers, they are also important crossroads of information.

The sustainability of the port ecosystem depends on well-planned process management based on smart choices.

Since the borders don`t hinder for new collaboration and we are a part of the global ecosystem, services also need to be evaluated and organized in a complex way, taking into account chain actors and real-time data, to be able to share relevant information online. All of this has the potential to affect productivity and efficiency by increasing competitiveness of ports.

There are various solutions, both technical and non-technical, for improving freight and passenger transportation. Solutions are not always time consuming or costly. The key is the ability to create solutions with those who will put them into practice in everyday work.

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⚓On the 22nd of January we organized our International Stakeholder meeting which took place in Riga. During the meeting, the participants were introduced to the Latvian Transport Guidelines and ... See more

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➡ Welcome to the second newsletter of the project and at the same time discover that we are 🔜one step ahead of the first, big and valuable discoveries in the project.🔝

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