Improving transport flows of people and goods in three selected corridors of Central Baltic region.

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Summary of the last three months: Newsletter # 6

The planning and implementation of well-functioning traffic/transport systems is a complex and multilayered process covering many measures and elimination of transport hindrances and bottlenecks. It affects many actors and sectors (users, planners, authorities and...

DB Schenker terminal in Finland has been chosen as a pilot site for Baltic Loop research

Following the set goal, the DB Schenker terminal has been chosen as the pilot site, where, using various methodologies, proposals will be made for actions to be taken to speed up the cargo handling in the terminal. It is located at Turku Ring Road along the E-18...

The road from the Turku port to the Russian border will be animated to highlight bottlenecks

Continuing the project, TUAS from Finland intends to visualize the southern corridor by animating the entire route from the Turku port to the Russian border (Vaalimaa) to clearly show cargo traffic bottlenecks that are closely related to the time spent on the road, as...

Riga Planning Region has developed a report on cooperation issues in the transport industry

Riga Planning Region has developed a report on cooperation issues in the transport industry in Latvia aimed at identifying the industry problems and finding solutions for more efficient cooperation by the stakeholders' dialogue “The transportation corridor should be...

Baltic loop discusses mobility challenges at co-creation seminar in Riga

Within the framework of the international project “Baltic Loop”, an online co-creation seminar was held on local level mobility in the Riga metropolitan area and connectivity with the southern transport corridor Ventspils - Riga - Valka. The aim of the seminar was to...

Industry agrees on 3 strategic goals for the development of the Via Hanseatica tourism and transport corridor by 2030

On January 7, 2021, Vidzeme Planning Region organized a stakeholder meeting to continue the discussion on the vision of the development of the tourism and transport corridor on the Via Hansetica route until 2030. Representatives of the tourism and transport sectors...

We invite you to read the fifth Baltic Loop Newsletter

It's time to stop and see how much work has been done! We invite you to get acquainted with the fifth news page of the project! Continuing to work closely with stakeholders, we have compiled a number of key challenges as well as recommendations on how to address them....

How to solve problems that hinder the full organization of traffic flow? Summary of 17 interviews conducted in Latvia

In order to fully understand the situation, in-depth interviews with stakeholders in the development of the tourism and transport corridor were conducted during the study on the development of the Tourism and Transport Corridor Development Vision 2030 on the Via...

Project contribution – 51 ideas for transport development in Latvia

As part of the project, the Riga Planning Region organized a series of seminars-workshops "Cooperation Dialogues in the Transport Sector" with the aim of improving cooperation between different parties in the region to achieve better end results and find solutions to...

Baltic Loop publishes a paper in Network Industries Quarterly

Network Industries Quarterly has been published four times a year since 2008. One of its special issues focuses on digitalising infrastructure. This special issue includes also the paper written by the representatives of Åbo Akademi University (Finland). Åbo Akademi...

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👉Check out our Newsletter #3⃣ - it is a must-read!

🆕The results of the questionnaire for stakeholders related to 🚢🏗freight and 🚉✈🚌passenger transport are summarized and you ... See more

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Rīgas plānošanas reģions

On March 5, 2020, the Riga Planning Region (Rīgas plānošanas reģions, Latvia) brought together stakeholders from the transport industry to find solutions for 🔹sustainable urban mobility and ... See more

Šodien koprades seminārā “Pilsētvides mobilitātes plānošana un SUMP pieejas īstenošana Rīgas metropoles areālā” meklēja risinājumus ilgtspējīgas pilsētvides mobilitātei un ... See more

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