A special platform was created during the project (https://www.balticloop.eu/index.php/platform/). The aim of the platform is to encourage mutual communication and facilitate access to documentation for transport stakeholders.

It is possible to find different traffic planning documents of Latvia, Sweden, Finland, Estonia on the platform. The platform consists of several sections, as well as its content is available in different languages.

In the news section, there are compiled articles about the transport industry daily. This allows you to easily get acquainted with current events in one place. The information is updated daily and is gathered from a variety of sources related to the transport industry.

A specially created forum is an opportunity to communicate with those who are related to the transport industry and address issues that are important to them.

It is very important to promote better public sector dialogue with intermodal logistics, passenger transport stakeholders, and other interested parties.

The platform is intended to provide cooperation on innovation for better accessibility. The platform can help agree on common decisions and thus prevent bottlenecks. Particular hopes are placed on stimulating technical innovation in the day-to-day running of freight and passenger transport.

The platform also offers the opportunity to seek partnerships between actors at both regional and national levels, as well as between the public and private sectors. High hopes are placed on joint activities in both planning and strategy development issues.

We invite you to get acquainted with the content of the platform and initiate the first discussions at the national or even international level.