On March 5 2020, the Riga Planning Region brought together stakeholders from the transport industry to find solutions for sustainable urban mobility and better quality of life in and around cities. It is acknowledged that the players in the industry are the same, so resources must be pooled and used wisely. The forces were combined with the Interreg Baltic Sea region project SUMBA to present news in the sector and invite them to participate in working groups to discuss the development of various issues.

Thematic directions of the working groups were:

  • SUMP understanding and governance model,
  • Infrastructure development and technical solutions,
  • Change of commuting habits.

The audience included experts and professionals of the industry and municipalities, as well as representatives of the ministries and coordinating bodies.

It is important to bring together people at all levels – local, regional and national and to integrate it all into an internationally coordinated set of new solutions.